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About Yoee Leung




Yoee近年積極以司儀技巧回饋社會,擔任C2 司儀義工團創會會長,參與超過150多項的慈善活動,服務時數超過6,000小時,服務義工人次超過1,500人,並且出版以司儀為主題的慈善書籍《我要做司儀》系列,為國內先天性心臟病兒童籌款。


About Yoee Leung

Yoee is a professional Master of Ceremony and TV host and has hosted over 1,000 events in Japanese, English, Putonghua and Cantonese. She is very experienced and has worked with famous event hosts in Hong Kong including Eric Tsang, Derek Li, Luisa Maria Leitão, Amigo Chui, Bob Lam, etc in events such as exhibitions, seminars, press conferences, mall events, anniversary dinners and weddings with audience size up to 30,000. Her clients include worldwide brands such as Google, IBM, HSBC, HKTDC, Union Pay, Panasonic, Unicef, etc. Since 2011, she has shared her event hosting and presentation skills to those who are interested in being an MC, from teenagers to the elderly, of which more than 2,000 have been trained.


She also serves the community with her professional MC skills, where she co-founded and served as Charter President of C2 Master of Ceremonies Volunteer Group (C2MC), a non-profit organization to assist NGOs in more than 150 events thus far. She has also published the “I want to be a Master of Ceremony” series focusing on event hosting skills, and all proceeds of the series went to help the children with congenital heart disease in China.  


個人資料 Personal Inforomation


獎項 Awards Received

  • 滙豐青年創業大獎得獎者 HSBC Youth Business Award

  • 全港時尚專業女性得獎者 Hong Kong Professional and Elite Ladies Selection

  • 青年夢想實踐家 Youth Dreammaker

  • 全港司儀大賽亞軍 Hong Kong MC Competition 1st Runner-Up

  • 全港司儀大賽最佳司儀拍擋獎 Hong Kong MC Competition Best MC Partner


身高 Height

  • 165 cm

語言 Language Proficiency

  • 日語 Fluent Japanese

  • 普通話 Fluent Putonghua

  • 英語 Fluent English

  • 廣東話 Native Cantonese


學歷 Academic Background

  • 香港大學日本研究學系畢業 Japanese Studies, Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • 日本早稻田大學進修日語 Japanese Studies, Waseda University, Japan

  • 考取一級日本語能力試驗資格 Level 1 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test

特長 Specialty

  • 善於控制現場氣氛 Good at manage event ambiance

  • 富經驗處理各類型節目流程 Uncountable experience in dealing with various events

  • 擁有卓越的執生能力 Excellent Crisis Management

風格 Style

  • 專業 Professional

  • 大方 Elegant

  • 多變 Flexible

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